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Everyone’s talking about our Wood Fired Sicilian pizza

Everyone’s talking and raving about our Wood Fired Sicilian pizza, which is made of our hand-crafted light crust base, topped generously with dreamy Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, turkey ham, goats’ cheese & Pesto sauce.

- so we’d let you in on the secret to its success…so here goes – 2 main things are important:

1. Get the Pesto oil absolutely right:

Our bright green pesto ends up smooth and silky with bold flavor because we:

  • soak the basil in water which removes chlorophyll and gives leaves their delicate flavor
  • when we grind the basil down with coarse salt we then use traditional mortar and pestle to get the oil to a consistency similar to that of maple syrup

2. Get the best and freshest suppliers:
We get fresh ingredients from the very best sources:

  • we obsess over our basil – considering factors such as the region in which it’s grown , because strong sun tends to equal a more bitter basil. Our supplier is based in Tuscany (from the region where we imported our oven) and is a local farmer
  • Our light, delicate olive oil is imported from a region in Italy, which produces the world’s mildest extra-virgin olive oil

Okay – so there’s some of the secret – and we’ll tell more soon,

All the best!